Duck HookDuck Hook

Duck Hook

The Duck Hook is a traditional cream ale that is sure to bring relief from a hot summer day. Brewed with a mix of ale and lager yeast, this truly American-style beer is straw-colored with a creamy head of foam from the large proportion of 6- row barley. It has a mild perceived bitterness, similar in flavor to pilsners due to the addition of Czech Saaz hops. The mouthfeel is dry, with a slightly sweet, corn-like maltiness. The Duck Hook is a refreshing, sessionable beer that goes down smooth and light all day long.(4.3% ABV, 16 IBU, 2.5 SRM)

Man of LawMan of Law

Man of Law

Man of Law is a citrusy, hop-forward IPA, and the second year-round flagship of SPBC.  It’s clear, amber appearance and creamy head present a well balanced IPA.  The aroma contains strong orange and pineapple notes, with a slight hint of resinous character.  The initial citrusy hop flavor is contrasted with the caramel sweetness of the malt.  The bitterness is pleasantly rounded and free from astringency due to the bittering hops being first-wort additions.  The beer has a clean finish, and at 6.4%, the Man of Law holds true to its name of being a well-rounded IPA that highlights balance over extremes.

(6.4% ABV, 60 IBU, 8.8 SRM)

Plowman's FollyPlowman's Folly

Plowman's Folly

Plowman’s Folly is a French-style Saison Farmhouse Ale with a crisp, white wine characteristic that is refreshing and pleasing to drink. Brewed with a special French strain of yeast, this beer presents more of a citrus character than the pepper and spice of its Belgian companions. The caramel and wheat malts create a noticeably complex taste profile in this golden ale. The aroma contains distinct white wine notes due to the addition of organic Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand, with further “cool climate” white wine flavors strikingly similar to Sauvingon Blanc wines from the Marlborough Region. Its dry, crisp mouthfeel makes this 7.5% ABV beer incredibly easy to drink and enjoy. Plowman’s Folly is one of SPBC’s flagships, and it is truly a unique version of this up and coming craft beer style.

(7.5% ABV, 35 IBU, 5.4 SRM)

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