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What Makes a Beer a Southern Pines Beer

We believe beer is inclusive by nature, and we start every recipe with the drinker in mind. Whether you are out on the golf course, grilling burgers, or sitting down at a bottle share with friends, we strive to make the perfect beverage to make your day just a little bit better. As we have developed our own style over the years in this pursuit, we thought it was valuable to define the core values behind what makes a beer a Southern Pines beer.


We aim to make balanced beers that focus on nuance and proportionality in flavors. It doesn’t matter if we are making a traditional Pilsner or a pastry stout, we aim to set expectations in our branding and ensure all the flavors you expect to taste are there.

Sweat the Small Stuff

The back-of-the-house team takes great pride in all of the small details that add up to an exceptional beer. We custom make water profiles for every beer after starting with pure reverse osmosis filtered water, we source ingredients from around the world, and we run numerous tests on our beers before they ever make it into your glass. Making great beer is a blend of art and science, and we think the best beer is made with a mastery of both.

Know Your Audience

We make beer is inclusive by nature, and make a broad array of beer styles and packaging formats to meet the desires of as many folks as possible. We hope you’ll stop by one of our taprooms to grab a drink with friends, take a 6-pack home, or visit the brewery for the annual release of Bourbon Barrel Aged Drunken Vigils to share with friends. We want to be wherever community is happening!

Respect the Past, Create the Future

We believe that you have to have a firm foundation in the past in order to innovate in the future. Our brewers take pride in nailing classic styles like doppelbocks and ESBs, because not only are they delicious in their own right, but unless you know how to make the classics, how are you able to riff off of them and make something new?