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How It All Started

Passion for service, entrepreneurship, and craft beer is what brought three friends together to start Southern Pines Brewing Company. Micah, Jason, and John met while serving on an Operational Detachment Alpha Team in the Green Berets in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. After being reassigned, the three teammates decided to turn in their uniforms for brewers’ boots to start a craft brewery. They just had one problem, they did not know how to brew on a commercial scale.

A Beer Quest

They planned a trip to visit the world's best breweries so they could learn from the best, take notes, and try a sample or two. They met a few friends along the way that taught them everything they needed to know about production. To make their education official, they took a course on Brewing Technology at the Siebel Institute of Technology. Upon graduating, they traveled across the country to San Diego where they set up camp in the White Lab's parking lot in an RV. They enrolled in the Essential Quality Control Course and learned about the microbiology and chemistry of brewing from industry icons like Chris White and Lyn Kruger all while living out of the RV.

Rooted in the Community

In 2014, they brewed their first batch of beer and opened the taproom with no employees and four wholesale accounts. The three friends were not shy of work and did everything from brewing beer to cleaning draft lines around town. Slowly but surely they expanded the team and their distribution footprint across the state.

Micah took on the role as sole owner in 2019, and continued to follow after the brewery motto of being Rooted in the Community by opening up a second taproom location in downtown Southern Pines in November of 2020. Southern Pines Brewing Company on Pennsylvania further allows the brewery to be in the heart of our community and provide a place for people to enjoy our full lineup of beverages.